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Daniel grew as a county kid, spending most of his time playing in the woods and fields of Aroostook County. His father, a small business owner, and mother, a civic leader, raised Daniel with a strong sense of responsibility toward his community. He has always dedicated his life to brightening the lives of those around him.

He graduated from University of Maine Orono with a degree in Marketing and Innovation Engineering, and for the first 7 years of his career, he worked to pass initiatives to raise minimum wage, expand healthcare, and make the political system fairer in both Maine and Pennsylvania.

Daniel Sipe for Maine House District 81
Daniel Sipe speaking at the Augusta Civic Center

In 2020, Daniel moved to Norway, where he co-founded Lights Out, an art-based nonprofit and consulting company, with business partners Reed McLean and Karlë Woods. One of their recent projects has been working with The Department of Health and Human Services promoting Covid-19 vaccine equity to people in rural Maine through art. Most recently, Lights Out invested in the historic Snocraft snowshoe manufacturing building on Tannery Street in Norway, with plans to convert it into a community maker-space, co-working space, art gallery, and creative hub for Western, Maine.

In office, Daniel is dedicated to building a stronger community. He will work tirelessly to ensure a fair economy in Western Maine, for current residents and future generations alike.

Daniel wants to hear from you, the people, about what would best serve our community – now and in the future. 

Get in touch with Daniel today!

Daniel Sipe enjoying Western Maine's outdoors
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